ICO and cryptocurrency development services

Agile Blockchain offers all-inclusive development support for your ICO, from conceptual token design and ICO smart contracts to website deployment and maintenance of infrastructure for your ICO campaign.

Our Blockchain Development Experiences

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Services we offer in ICO and cryptocurrency development

ICO Technology

Proprietary smart contracts
Security audits
Advisory services

ICO Marketing

Bounty Programs
Digital marketing
PR and Media outreach


KYC / AML consulting
Tax consulting
Legal advise on funding


Crypto wallet creation and management
Escrow services
Reporting and security audits

Post-ICO Launch

ICO exchange listing
Token demand generation
Campaigns for product positioning

Why should you hire Agile Blockchain for ICO and cryptocurrency development?

We are one of the leading enterprises that provide innovative solutions along with efficient results without compromising quality, security and privacy. Our services in decentralized applications provide a stable platform for you to manage cryptocurrencies effectively in terms of accomplishing transactions faster through a secured channel.

Our expert team in ICO and cryptocurrencies possess universal knowledge, unhinged skills and expertise in providing your business with an enhanced longevity and uniqueness in today’s competitive market. We strive hard to ensure that our cryptocurrency services are incorporated successfully to help your business operations run smoothly. Also, we ensure that our ICO services are customized to your preferences to best suit your business operations.

We help and train your business with personalized care to make profitable investments in ICO and make money through the opportunities that lies in ICO exchange. These opportunities comprise of making money by investing in ICO through lending program, trading ICO, providing pre ICO token sale and Coin staking. Coin staking allows you to earn through your ICO investments. Trading ICO and ICO token sale allows you to maintain a quality transaction and strong processing of operations within your business and across other enterprises.

Technology and Tools We Use

ERC20 Token

Tech standard used for smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain for implementing tokens

Solidity Smart Contracts

A statically-typed programming language designed for developing smart contracts


A collection of libraries which allow you to interact with a local or remote ethereum node


An open-source, cross-platform JavaScript run-time environment to easily build fast and scalable network applications


Act as a developer environment and testing framework for blockchain technology


A structural framework for dynamic web apps and simplifies building web applications

OpenZeppelin SafeMath Library

Open-source framework for secure smart contract development


What our client says

They’re very agile and able to use the technology you need to solve the problem, not the other way around.

Spencer Thomason - CEO, Clean Router

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