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Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

We help you build crypto wallet apps and cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Our team of expert Blockchain developers provide customers with top-tier experiences only. 

Who We Are

Having started as a company specializing in software development, we know exactly what it takes to deliver quality technology projects. As Blockchain technology develops, our company founders created Agile Blockchain Lab, with the vision to become the leading company in proprietary Blockchain and cryptocurrency exchange development. We also like to share industry experiences and knowledge, aiming to become the home of talented individuals and powerful teams worldwide. 

Our Exclusive Projects

Our Step-by-step Wallet Development Process

Research & Analysis

Our team consists of seniors in Blockchain technology and enterprise consultants. We will help you find out the best use cases of cryptocurrency wallets for your business, and do the planning.

Open-source Libraries

Our developers utilize open-source cryptocurrencies such as BitcoinJ SDK to save time and money. Open-source libraries can maintain a wallet, send and receive quick and secure transactions.

API Integration

We know how to integrate API to create seamless data movement and a feature-rich cryptocurrency wallet. We ensure transparency, reliability and solid accountability of your data.

Customized Services

We build digital currency wallets according to customer's needs, such as multi-currency management, cross-device features, two-factor authentication, etc.

Features of Advanced Cryptocurrency Wallet

Cross-border Transactions

A key feature of the crypto wallet is transferring cryptocurrency without geographic restrictions and intermediaries.

Multi-currency Support

Develop a crypto wallet that supports hundreds of digital coins on the market and converts currency for the user.

Enhanced Security

Keep crypto private key and data safe with two-factor authentication, automated logout and other enhanced features.

Flexible Usability

Keep users happy with friendly interface, easy wealth management and smart push notifications.

Benefits of Agile Blockchain Lab

Technologies & Tools

Ruby on Rails

Create a strong model view controller to enhance server-side cryptocurrency exchange



Use in-built templates, components and code to develop an attractive UI



Provides object-oriented functionalities that allow developers to support multiple platform and devices

50 +


Multi-currency transfer and management. 



Experienced developers who know what they’re doing.


Cloud Storages

Integrated backup cloud storages to ensure privacy & security.

What Our Clients Say

They’re very agile and able to use the technology you need to solve the problem, not the other way around.

Spencer Thomason - CEO, Clean Router

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