Blockchain in Healthcare

With Blockchain, the healthcare industry can build a much more secured and convenient environment. Agile Blockchain Lab is here to help enterprises realize this reality.

Problems of the Healthcare industry

The healthcare system can hardly be called a system. Rather it is a dizzying array of highly decentralized sectors. Systems within the healthcare sector do not communicate and link to each other, causing confusions and management difficulties. 

Poor attention to patient needs is the biggest problem. Patients with critical health conditions or are more well-off often receive prioritized aftercare, while a large number of elders, children and poor citizens receive little to no attention after hospital visits. The reasons could be discrimination, or inadequate infrastructure where patient records are left untracked. This can also cause the patient to be rejected for medical care when they move locations. 

Another problem is the inability to handle increasingly complex science base. Doctors can no longer depend on traditional training and memory to diagnose patients. With new knowledge emerging every second, it is important for the healthcare industry to secure a private database of their own. 

How is Blockchain going to help?

Universal Patient Profile

Allow access to patient information from every venue, while still providing privacy, security, and autonomy of patient information.

Drug Traceabilty

The system allows tracking of medicine origin from producers to end users, usage and every information of every medicine with ease.

Better Clinical Trials

Blockchain gathers information, categorizes and secures patient data, providing researchers with materials for medicinal development.

Extensive Database

Store and access all of the sensitive data from anywhere with IoT and cloud-based applications.

Neutral Ownership

No company or individual own the Blockchain, making healthcare truly equal and serves a valuable purpose.

Token Exchange

Virtual currencies can be used to purchase medical services with more security and convenience.

Applications of Blockchain in Healthcare

Supply Chain Transparency

Patient-centric Medical Records

Cloud-based Backup Storage

Time-effective Symptom Tracking

Medical Staff Smart Verification

Smart Insurance Contracts

The difference between a public and private Blockchain

Public Blockchains like Bitcoin, Ethereum,… are open for all. Moreover, a reward in the form of an incentive is provided to all the participants who take part in the platform. However, as public Blockchains implement a consensus mechanism, it cannot handle a huge number of transactions at the same time at lightning speed, which is crucial for the healthcare industry. Plus, public Blockchains are exactly what they’re called – public in nature. A healthcare provider needs a private Blockchain for sensitive patient data as well as other crucial private information. 

A private Blockchain can optimize productivity, speed and security. Any party can join a public Blockchain, but this is not the case for a private Blockchain. Users are restricted from entering into the network even though they have the capability of going through an agreement. Participants are only allowed if they aren’t new to the Blockchain ecosystem and their control can be administered. Networks can be preserved as soon as any company has entered it. Business firms upon entering into a private blockchain benefit from increased confidentiality.

Why do you need Blockchain development outsourcing?

Outsourcing gives you full-cycle Blockchain development at a reasonable pricing and full customization. Instead of re-training your developers to build a Blockchain project, you can assemble a team of experts worldwide, from senior developers to business analysts and digital marketing experts.

Having started as an IT company in app and website development, we know exactly what it takes to deliver quality technology projects. As Blockchain technology develops, our company founders created Agile Blockchain Lab, with the vision to become the leading company in proprietary Blockchain development. We also like to share industry experiences and knowledge, aiming to become the home of talented individuals and powerful teams worldwide. 

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