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Agile Blockchain Lab spearheads in Blockchain technology as we focus on universalizing Blockchain applications. We have been providing consulting and development services for many startups and enterprises across various industries. 

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Blockchain solutions can be applied to many different industries. Integrate advanced technology into your operations to drive business growth and gain competitive edge.


Blockchain has a wide range of applications in healthcare. The ledger technology facilitates the secure transfer of patient medical records, manages the medicine supply chain and helps researchers unlock genetic code.

Finance & Investment

Blockchain can digitize the entire trade finance lifecycle with increased security and efficiency through transparent governance, decreased processing times, lower capital requirements and reduced risks of fraud and errors.

Supply Chain Management

Blockchain has high data linkage, accuracy, making transactions and product origin transparent and reliable. With Blockchain, information can be accessed within seconds instead of taking days with a traditional database.


Gamers are used to tokenization, so implementing Blockchain in gaming is very easy. Blockchain brings a number of benefits to the gaming industry such as enhanced security, tokenization of in-game assets and trading opportunities. 


Retail companies can utilize Blockchain to get onboard with enhanced digitalization. Some of the benefits include proper inventory tracking, product provenance, reduced counterfeit goods and smart customer loyalty programs.


Blockchain can play an important role in agriculture cultivation, help collect data, tracking pathways and facilitate trust. Decentralized control of Blockchain in agriculture to include farmers and rural citizens can help global food security. 

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Private Blockchain

Handle crypto exchanges on a private node with customized business models that can handle huge amounts of data and files. Have full authority over all the participants in your network.

Blockchain Consulting

Identify, analyze and assess solutions on how Blockchain can add value to your business operations. We also suggest how to execute the Blockchain technology-based transactions.

ICO, IEO and STO Development

Kickstart your project with our end-to-end ICO, IEO and STO services. We create tokens, monitor exchange listings, develop wallets and draft white papers.

dApps Development

Create MVP for your dApp with improved UI and integrated cloud services. Develop smart contracts that fit all your business needs. Also build a decentralized cloud storage.

Blockchain with IoT

Integrate IoT with your Blockchain project to build incorruptible digital contracts and ledgers. Effortlessly provide reliable accountability and security.

Blockchain in AI

Leverage the power of AI to create robust identity management systems and provide real-time access to quality data for all Blockchain-based operations.

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Blockchain FAQs

What is blockchain application?

Blockchain applications are comparable to conventional software applications, except they implement a decentralized architecture and cryptoeconomic systems to increase security, foster trust, tokenize assets, and design new network incentives.
Blockchain technology has now moved from the geek tech phase to mainstream acceptance. From healthcare to banking, supply chain, insurance and digital identity, countless blockchain business applications are transforming the way data is accessed and stored

What is decentralized finance (DeFi)?

Decentralized finance—often called DeFi or open finance—refers to the economic paradigm shift enabled by decentralized technologies, particularly blockchain networks. DeFi signals the shift from a historically centralized and closed financial system toward a universally accessible economy that is based on open protocols that are interoperable, programmable, and composable.

What is blockchain wallet?

A blockchain wallet contains the public key for others to transfer cryptocurrency to your address and the private key so you can securely access your own digital assets. A blockchain wallet usually accompanies node hosting and stores cryptocurrencies on your computer.

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