NFT Development Services

Create your own NFT to showcase your creativity and gain true leverage in the metaverse. Agile Blockchain Lab offer quality NFT development services to individuals and enterprises for driving business growth and expansion. 

What Is NFT?

Any digital and non-digital assets can be Non-fungible Tokens (NFT). NFTs can be art, music, IDs, data sets, etc. NFTs are valuable because they are one of a kind. With Blockchain integration, copies and fakes cannot hold the same value as there is only one unique product on the Blockchain. Enterprises worldwide can utilize NFT for various customer service, marketing and growth hack opportunities.

Use cases of NFT


Famous art pieces can be turned into NFTs and increase their uniqueness.

Music & Video

Popular audio & video content are mostly made by individual creators.


VR/AR NFT is a unique way to enhance the metaverse experiences.

Land Ownership

Land or property is also being tokenized with NFT. Anyone can monetize property for profit.


NFT is a great way to create better gaming experiences. Create your own play-to-earn game with rare NFT items.


Users need a marketplace to exchange and earn profit from NFTs. Build a marketplace and host various creators.

Benefits of NFT Development

For Creators

For Holders

Why You Should Consider NFT Development

Countless Opportunities

Tokenize real-world assets such as land property, games, art and content... and fast forward the token ownership process.

Wide Range Accessibility

Deploy your NFT on various platforms for exchange, trade or collection purposes to earn real income and popularity.

Business Growth

Utilize NFTs for marketing products such as single-use promotional tools and relieve yourself of counterfeit cases.

Gain Loyal Customers

NFT development helps you get ahead of competitors by bringing innovative and unique values to your customer base.

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NFT Development Standards We Follow

ERC 721 Token Standard

 A popular standard for NFT development. Creators can  import these NFTs to multiple marketplaces.

ERC 998 Token Standard

This standard is similar to ERC 721, but creators can also compose different types of assets in the token.

ERC 1155 Token Standard

This advanced standard allows for multi-token types. It is widely used for games & multi-asset applications.

BEP 721 Token Standard

This is the Binance Smart Chain’s version of ERC 721 standard. BEP 721 allows for lower gas fees.



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