Blockchain in Supply Chain Management

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What is Supply Chain Management?

A supply chain, in easier words, is called a distribution system. Supply chain management deals with planning the transit of the product until it reaches the final customer, it includes processing of material, packaging, warehousing, delivery, wholesalers, and retailers too.

This management of the flow of goods require resources in the form of human labor, raw materials, machinery, organizations, entities as well as technology. In other words, it is a full-fledged system that starts from building a commodity and making it reach its final customer.

The need for Blockchain in Supply Chain Management

Blockchain is a full ledger system that functions on blocks and nodes for saving data. This technology was developed by the developers of cryptocurrency for safe and secure transactions. But the ever-evolving market has made Blockchain a revolutionary technology required in almost every industry.

Blockchain technology is decentralized, tamper-proof, easily accessible, easily traceable, trustless and transparent, which is great help to supply chain management. 

How can Blockchain help manage supply chains effectively?


Multiple-party Contracts

When there are several parties in your supply chain, the process becomes complex and time-consuming. Blockchain minimizes that by providing immutable end-to-end traceability.


Automated Purchasing

Increase productivity and minimize human error with automated purchasing and planning. Blockchain allows you to have a set of conditions required to make transactions.


Product Provenance

Customers are increasingly interested in knowing the entire process of making, quality assuring and delivering products. Blockchain helps make this possible and exceptionally easier.


Reduced Counterfeits

With Blockchain, enterprises can have a private database for their products which minimizes industrial espionage, while also provides customers with more transparency.

In Summarization

Blockchain in supply chain management will improve: 

  • Record & tracking of orders, receipts and other trade details.
  • Verification and certification of origin and other requirements.
  • Linking products to digital barcodes and other forms of provenance. 

Blockchain in supply chain management will bring: 

  • More transparency, trust and reliability.
  • More decentralized practices based on consensus mechanism.
  • Opportunities for related services.

Why do you need Blockchain development outsourcing?

Outsourcing gives you full-cycle Blockchain development at a reasonable pricing and full customization. Instead of re-training your developers to build a Blockchain project, you can assemble a team of experts worldwide, from senior developers to business analysts and digital marketing experts.

Having started as an IT company in app and website development, we know exactly what it takes to deliver quality technology projects. As Blockchain technology develops, our company founders created Agile Blockchain Lab, with the vision to become the leading company in proprietary Blockchain development. We also like to share industry experiences and knowledge, aiming to become the home of talented individuals and powerful teams worldwide. 

How We Can Help Your Business

Private Blockchain

Handle crypto exchanges on a private node with customized business models that can handle huge amounts of data and files. Have full authority over all the participants in your network.

Blockchain Consulting

Identify, analyze and assess solutions on how Blockchain can add value to your business operations. We also suggest how to execute the Blockchain technology-based transactions.

ICO, IEO and STO Development

Kickstart your project with our end-to-end ICO, IEO and STO services. We create tokens, monitor exchange listings, develop wallets and draft white papers.

dApps Development

Create MVP for your dApp with improved UI and integrated cloud services. Develop smart contracts that fit all your business needs. Also build a decentralized cloud storage.

Blockchain with IoT

Integrate IoT with your Blockchain project to build incorruptible digital contracts and ledgers. Effortlessly provide reliable accountability and security.

Blockchain in AI

Leverage the power of AI to create robust identity management systems and provide real-time access to quality data for all Blockchain-based operations.

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